Supporting Women

We are proud to collaborate with talented women artisans in India who handcraft our designer clothing. By providing them with work, we support their livelihoods and help preserve traditional craftsmanship.

Each piece in our collection is infused with their skill, passion, and dedication. We believe in the power of empowering women and celebrating their artistry. Together, we create beautiful, ethically-made fashion that tells a story of collaboration and cultural exchange.

In our atelier nestled in the heart of Paris, France, we breathe new life into these fabrics, infusing them with contemporary flair and innovative designs. It's a harmonious dance between the old and the new, where the essence of India's cultural tapestry meets the cosmopolitan spirit of Paris.

So, step into our world, where tradition meets innovation, and let our designer collection transport you to a realm of beauty, creativity, and cross-cultural celebration.

“As you explore our pieces, you'll discover the intricate embroidery, the vibrant colors, and the meticulous attention to detail that define our brand. Each garment tells a story, a narrative woven into its very fabric, connecting you to the rich history and cultural heritage of both India and France.”


Sustainability & More

Sustainability has emerged as a pivotal concept in the 21st century. It encompasses a broad spectrum of practices and principles aimed at ensuring that our current actions do not compromise the well-being and resources of future generations.

It is not just an environmental buzzword; sustainability is a holistic approach that integrates environmental, social, and economic considerations for a better world.

At NAYLAB. OFFICIAL, we focus on preserving the environment, the sustainability’s cornerstone.

All our products are available on pre-order. Our ambition is to keep the handloom silk weaving tradition alive for generations to come.

“All our products are available on pre-order.”


Pre-order With Us

When we release a new collection, we release it for pre-order. Why ? because it allows us to adjust our quantities precisely and not to overproduce.

We are convinced that pre-ordering and the expectation it generates is also a way of reviewing our relationship with clothing. And we are convinced this awareness is capable of triggering a change in our mode of consumption and in the fashion industry also. Definitely, this industry will only change if it is forced to do so by consumption habits.

Our shipping for pre-orders varies from approximately 1 month. We keep you informed by email of all the progress concerning the manufacture of your pre-orders (receipt of supplies, start of manufacture, shipping, etc.).

Your pre-order process at NAYLAB. OFFICIAL :
Step 1 : We manage your order to our artisans
Step 2 : It takes 2-3 weeks for handloom weaving of silk fabric production by our artisans
Step 3 : It takes 5-10 days to stitch
Step 4 : Shipping from our artisans to our parisian workshop to your home

We also answer all your questions on our social networks or by email.