Our Mission

NAYLAB. OFFICIAL is a traditional craftsmanship women’s wear brand handwoven fabric from a handloom silk brocade. Our artisans know-how is focus on the patterns and meticulous colors for each pieces.

Each piece in our collection is infused with their skill, passion, and dedication. Together, we create beautiful, ethically-made fashion that tells a story of collaboration and cultural exchange.

Indeed, our brand objective is to empower women and celebrate their artistry. Our exquisite line of products includes women's wear (brocade silk, dresses, trousers, tops, accessories...).

“We highlight all women behind NAYLAB. OFFICIAL.”


The Brand

Brocade silk

Indian brocade silk is appreciated worldwide for its beauty, luster, and durability. By wearing garments made of brocade silk, one can feel elegant and connect with the rich tradition and craftsmanship of India.

The brocade silk is known for its intricate patterns and shiny silk threads. It is woven on special looms, where the patterns are created using colored silk threads and metallic threads, such as gold or silver. These metallic threads add a touch of shine and luxury to the fabric.